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    A Cut Above the Average Adult Onesie.
    Slightly Ridiculous, Extremely Comfortable.

    Why CoZone®?

    Whether you choose a style from our CoZone USA (100% Made in the USA) collection, or the CoZone global collection, it's the attention to detail that separates the CoZone from anything else on the market. From head to toe, we obsessed over every feature and function of the CoZone, because a comfortable piece of clothing that doesn't function when you need it most is just a comfortable piece of clothing.

    Premium, Cotton-Rich Fleece Fabric:

    CoZone adult onesies are made from plush material with a snuggly, soft texture that provides the ultimate in luxury and comfort. The sweat fleece we've used is 80% cotton/20% polyester. It's as if your favorite hooded sweatshirt grew legs and swallowed you up!

    Stitching With a Purpose:

    We use the strongest stitch types to ensure your long term enjoyment and comfort. See the video at right to see a safety stitch being sewn on a side zipper pocket. This gives the pocket extra strength at the seam, almost eliminating the risk of fray or seams coming loose over the life of the garment.

    Finest Quality Zippers:

    CoZone uses top quality zippers, with molded plastic teeth for aesthetics and the right zipper for each application to ensure quick, smooth operation.

    • Dual, Zippered Pockets - No need to change out of your CoZone to run an errand, as zippered pockets are perfect for carrying some cash, keys, or phone. Sure, you may get some funny looks, but you'll be more comfortable than everyone else you see!
    • Zippered Ankles - If you choose the CoZone USA, zippered ankles allow you to slip on the CoZone over your gym shoes or slippers. Convenient just one less thing to worry about when you're just trying to be comfortable!
    • Double-Zipper Front - This is particularly useful for men when they've got to go. It's also perfect for women when showing off a new belly button ring or tattoo. See, we've thought of everything!

    The Butt-Flap:

    We probably spent more time designing this than any other feature of the CoZone. We promise that it will come in handy at just the right time.

    • Unique Curved Coil Zipper - enables a smooth transition from the closed to open position, and it's much more comfortable than a traditional snap or button drop seat.
    • Special Zipper Cover - enables the butt-flap to appear as pockets from a distance, only revealing the genius design upon a closer look.
    • Extended Zipper - goes just a little lower than it might appear it should; but for a very good reason. The last thing anyone wants is for their clothing to touch anything it shouldn't, and thanks to the extended zipper, it won't.